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Who ever designed this piece of crap you need a different profession. Obviously you have never worked a real job.

Probably havent been chewed out on a daily basis by patients wondering why their call takes 30 minutes. You have to put the patients dob and full name 3 TIMES just to open their chart. I hope you go bankrupt. You must really be offering this crap on the cheap.

Im sure you pay your employees slave wages too because your help desk doesnt even know what the *** their doing. Once again what a piece of ***.

Im going to have to quit my job because of the stress of having to tell my patients oh Im sorry we have new system and its a piece of ***, hope u dont mind being on the phone for 30 minutes just to schedule an appt or Im sorry you have chest pain but Ive got to create a visit first before I get even help you. I hope you get sued!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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