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ALLSCRIPTS has attacked my reputation,has ruined my good name made strong criticism,malicious publication printed for the purpose of defaming my character, reporting false statements to defame me, publishing false info about me then published it, i cant say nothing good about allscripts,i want anyone to please send this message out to other websights to help bring me justice i am a very good person and i was never treated in this way untill an abusive attack with strong criticism on my character has happend. and was published to drag my good name in mud.leaving me no access into the portal to complain and remove the attack.

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Ontario, Oregon, United States #912945

you arent a high enough level yet to remove attacks young net wizard. you must lvl up and once you are about 9000xp from now you will find that removing the attack is in the power of your very hands. But remember you cant execute it till u lvld moar.

Idaho, United States #898329

How do we know you are a good person? You are asking in a public forum of people who aren't your peers to co-sign for you? Yeah, you probably are the same bi00tch their talkin' about.

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